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Year Denom Grader Grade
1787 Cent PCGS AU53 *NEW* Solid strike with strong detailing overall front and back. Top surface quality and even chocolate brown color. The Horned Eagle variety shows a die break at the top of the eagle’s head that resembles a horn. $2,650.00
1788 Cent PCGS XF40 *NEW* Very pleasing and well struck overall with top end surface quality and even deep chocolate brown color. A great affordable type. $1,185.00
1788 Cent PCGS AU53 *NEW* Solid strike with strong detailing overall front and back. Top surface quality and even chocolate brown color. More brown, not as red as the photo. $2,500.00
1804 Half Cent NGC AU58BN *NEW* Very well struck with distraction free surfaces and considerable luster over even chocolate brown color. $1,350.00
1834 Half Cent PCGS / CAC MS63BN *NEW* As pleasing as it can be with a solid strike, very clean, pleasing surfaces and even chocolate brown patina. Completely spot free and finished with good luster. $875.00
1853 Half Cent NGC MS64BN *NEW* Needle sharp strike, great surfaces and full shimmering luster. The definition of a “plus” coin at least. Distraction and spot free. $825.00
1853 Half Cent PCGS MS64BN *NEW* PCGS Fully struck with immaculate surfaces and full luster. Even chocolate brown. I do not know why this coin is only MS64. Absolute top, top, top of the grade and fully deserving of a plus, if not MS65BN. $875.00
1854 Half Cent NGC MS65RB *NEW* Super nice original with about 50/50 original RED blending with chocolate brown on both sides. Very solid strike and seldom seen in this condition. $2,250.00
1855 Half Cent PCGS MS65BN *NEW* A superb coin in every way. Fully struck with virtually flawless surfaces and lovely even chocolate brown color, showing some flashes of original red and blue highlights. Gorgeous type coin. $1,450.00
1856 Half Cent PCGS / CAC PR64BN NEW* A beautiful, original Proof example showing considerable original Red in and around the devices and lettering on the obverse. Reverse shows lovely blue-green patina overall. Needle sharp strike and wonderful original surfaces finish this scarce proof issue. $7,250.00
1803 Cent NGC VF35 Another pleasing, well struck Draped Bust Cent. Even chocolate brown color and problem free. Reholdered at the ANA for clear, scratch free viewing. $985.00
1819 Cent PCGS / CAC MS62+ *NEW* Sharply struck on both sides with very clean, distraction free surfaces and full luster. Great quality for the grade and price. $1,090.00
1837 HTT NGC MS64BN *Aspen Park Collection - HT-195, Portsmouth MA* Very choice uncirculated specimen of this Massachusetts Store Card. Even deep chocolate brown with considerable original RED in and around the lettering on both sides. Pop: 2-62, 3-63, 4-64, 0-65, 1-66. $750.00
1838 Cent NGC MS64BN *NEW* Completely pleasing in every way. Starting with a full, sharp strike, even chocolate brown patina and spot free. Finished with good luster. $1,090.00
1851/INV. 18 Cent NGC / CAC MS64BN *NEW* Sharply struck on both sides with great surfaces and even chocolate brown, distraction free surfaces. Tough inverted 18 variety. $1,575.00
1853 Cent NGC / CAC MS66BN *NEW* Sharply struck with immaculate fields and full strong luster over even chocolate brown surfaces. Superb quality type. $1,950.00
1855 Cent NGC MS64BN *NEW* Looks more like a MS66. Superb in every way with blue and violet highlights on intensely lustrous surfaces. $750.00
1857 Cent PCGS MS64 *NEW* Very sharply struck overall with lovely light brownish tan patina, lighter in and around the devices and lettering, giving this piece outstanding eye-appeal. $1,850.00
1874 Cent NGC MS65RB A beautiful GEM Indian with a super strong strike showing every detail to its fullest. Wonderful even chocolate brown with considerable violet-red in and around the devices and strong, glowing luster. Superb coin and a tougher early date. $850.00
1878 Cent NGC MS65BN Absolutely superb, better than most grading MS66, this Indian starts with a full, sharp strike, superb, super clean surfaces and is finished with light blue and rose highlights and full luster. Awesome Indian. $1,200.00


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