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Year Denom Grader Grade
1875 Twenty Cent PCGS PR64 *NEW* For some reason, attractive proof twenty cent pieces at reasonable prices are flat out scarce. I virtually never see appealing examples. Here is an exception. Sharply struck front and back with lovely light silvery rose patina on bright, reflective surfaces on the obverse. Reverse is brilliant white with Cameio devices contrasting deeply reflective fields. Tremendous eye-appeal. $5,250.00
1875-CC Twenty Cent PCGS MS62 *NEW* So much nicer than you would expect for the grade. Fully struck front and back. Basically brilliant with great luster and just a bit of patina in and around the lettering and devices. $3,000.00
1875-S Twenty Cent NGC MS63 *NEW* Sharply struck and brilliant white with full blazing luster. A great coin for the money and lots of eye-appeal. $1,500.00


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