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Year Denom Grader Grade
1787 Cent PCGS MS65RB *NEW* Cert. 25216494 Pop: 7, none finer. Certainly among the absolute finest Fugios I have seen…and I have been buying and selling type for 37 years. Full, even strike overall on basically flawless lustrous surfaces. Struck slightly off center and a minor die break coming down from the sun dial into "Mind Your Business" as is often seen on this variety. Considerable original RED and a knockout Fugio overall. $14,500.00
1788 Cent PCGS XF40 Very pleasing and well struck overall with top end surface quality and even deep chocolate brown color. A great affordable type. PCGS Coin # 311. PCGS Grade: XF40. PCGS Cert: 28805881. $850.00
1788 Cent PCGS AU53 Solid strike with strong detailing overall front and back. Top surface quality and even chocolate brown color. More brown, not as red as the photo. $1,650.00
1828 Half Cent PCGS MS65RD *ON HOLD - NEW* Cert. 25248112 Pop: 2, none higher in RED. Amazing full RED 1828 Half Cent. Almost impossible to believe this coin could survive with this amazing full RED color. A super condition rarity. $25,000.00
1843 Restrike Half Cent PCGS PR66BN *ON HOLD - NEW* Cert. 9888731 Old Green Holder Rare: 30-40 known Pop: 2, Finest $21,000.00
1855 Half Cent PCGS MS65BN A superb coin in every way. Fully struck with virtually flawless surfaces and lovely even chocolate brown color, showing some flashes of original red and blue highlights. Gorgeous type coin. $1,275.00
1794 Cent PCGS F15 ***NEW*( ) 1794 Liberty Cap Cent Starred Reverse. Cert. 34179930 Pop: 1 with a few grading higher. Very scarce date with an estimated 60 known and very few examples graded in any grade, this wholesome coin shows a much better than average strike and virtually complete reverse detailing, seldom seen. Only one public sale of a circ coin...a VF30 realizing $129,250 in Aug. 2014. RARE. PCGS price guide is $77,500. $77,500.00
1803 Cent NGC VF35 Another pleasing, well struck Draped Bust Cent. Even chocolate brown color and problem free. Reholdered at the ANA for clear, scratch free viewing. $885.00
1817 Cent PCGS / CAC MS64BN *NEW* Well struck with distraction free chocolate brown surfaces and full luster $1,975.00
1820 Cent PCGS MS65RB In addition to dozens of Coronet type large cents I have bought and sold, I have seen and rejected hundreds. This specimen will always be remembered as among the absolute finest for the grade. Deserving of a minimum “plus” designation, this original beauty shows a perfectly sharp strike front and back with a lovely blend of original RED in and around the devices contrasting a natural even chocolate brown. Surfaces are simply impeccable. Reverse is a deep blue-brown with tinges of original red. Finished with full glowing luster and resulting in one of the most Eye-appealing of the type you or I will ever see. $2,850.00
1826/5 Cent PCGS MS63+ ***NEW*(62BN) Cert. 84649582 Pop: 1, 7 higher Super pleasing chocolate brown on lustrous surfaces. Spot free. $18,500.00
1835 Lg. 8, Stars Cent PCGS/CAC MS64RB ***NEW*(AU53) Cert. 34477633 Pop: 2, 1 higher Super nice for the grade, featuring a full strike, virtually mark free surfaces and a beautiful blend of original RED and chocolate brown patina. $8,200.00
1837 HTT NGC MS64BN *Aspen Park Collection - HT-195, Portsmouth NH* Very choice uncirculated specimen. Even deep chocolate brown with considerable original RED in and around the lettering on both sides. Pop: 2-62, 3-63, 4-64, 0-65, 1-66. $750.00
1837 Cent PCGS MS64BN *NEW* Super nice for the grade, featuring a full strike, virtually mark free surfaces and chocolate brown patina. The color of the reverse image is way too red. The coin is bascially chocolate brown on the reverse. $1,285.00
1864 Cent NGC MS65RB *Henry Hamilton Collection* (Early NGC Holder) Sharply struck with a perfectly even blend of rose-red and brown on flashy, lustrous surfaces. $685.00
1883 Cent PCGS PR66BN *NEW* Cert. 82622607 A beautiful blend of blue and violet on pristine, fully reflective surfaces. Tremendous eye-appeal for the price. $1,500.00
1883 Cent PCGS / Eagle Eye Cert. PR66RB Very unusual and beautiful Proof with full CAMEO devices (not designated) which appear to be floating on a pool of deeply reflective surfaces front and back. Even, light, somewhat "Copper-nickel" red coloration overall, without any spots or distractions. A very cool GEM Proof Indian.` $1,575.00
1885 Cent PCGS PR66BN (“Larry Shepherd Collection”) Gorgeous blend of blue and violet rose, light Cameo devices on both sides with shimmering, distraction free, deep, deep mirrors. Another STUNNER!! $2,650.00
1886 Cent PCGS PR67BN Gorgeous bright sky blue portrait, violet and blue in the fields. Reverse is a gorgeous bright blue. The fields are smooth and reflective. Absolutely STUNNING GEM Proof. $4,350.00
1887 Cent PCGS PR66RD ***NEW*(67BN) Cert. 34162797 Pop: 4, none higher Gorgeous rose red GEM. Bright, flawless and spot free with no haze. A true beauty. $19,500.00


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