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Year Denom Grader Grade
1786 Copper PCGS / CAC XF40 *ON HOLD - NEW* Very pleasing New Jersey with a solid strike and very nice surfaces. Even chocolate brown. $1,385.00
1787 Cent PCGS AU53 *NEW* Solid strike with strong detailing overall front and back. Top surface quality and even chocolate brown color. The Horned Eagle variety shows a die break at the top of the eagle’s head that resembles a horn. $2,700.00
1787 Cent NGC MS61BN *NEW* Very choice uncirculated Massachusetts Cent. This coin features a very strong, even strike with sharp design detailing throughout, separating this specimen from the great majority. Mark free surfaces, even chocolate color and good luster finish this great colonial type. $6,950.00
1788 Cent PCGS XF40 *NEW* Very pleasing and well struck overall with top end surface quality and even deep chocolate brown color. A great affordable type. $1,185.00
1788 Cent PCGS AU53 *NEW* Solid strike with strong detailing overall front and back. Top surface quality and even chocolate brown color. More brown, not as red as the photo. $2,500.00
1804 Half Cent NGC AU58BN *NEW* Very well struck with distraction free surfaces and considerable luster over even chocolate brown color. $1,350.00
1834 Half Cent PCGS / CAC MS63BN *NEW* As pleasing as it can be with a solid strike, very clean, pleasing surfaces and even chocolate brown patina. Completely spot free and finished with good luster. $875.00
1851 Half Cent PCGS MS65BN *ON HOLD - NEW* Extraordinary condition rarity and a beautiful coin to boot. In the entire 39-year span of PCGS grading, only 2 specimens of the date have been awarded the MS65BN grade, with one grading MS66BN. In addition there are only 2 MS65RB, none higher and one MS65RD, none higher. The present specimen is a gorgeous coin showing considerable blue highlights and original violet red in and around all devices and lettering on both sides, giving this piece fabulous Eye-Appeal. Full sharp strike and full luster complete this great coin. $2,650.00
1853 Half Cent NGC MS64BN *NEW* Needle sharp strike, great surfaces and full shimmering luster. The definition of a “plus” coin at least. Distraction and spot free. $825.00
1853 Half Cent PCGS MS64BN *NEW* PCGS Fully struck with immaculate surfaces and full luster. Even chocolate brown. I do not know why this coin is only MS64. Absolute top, top, top of the grade and fully deserving of a plus, if not MS65BN. $875.00
1854 Half Cent NGC MS65RB *NEW* Super nice original with about 50/50 original RED blending with chocolate brown on both sides. Very solid strike and seldom seen in this condition. $2,250.00
1855 Half Cent PCGS MS65BN *NEW* A superb coin in every way. Fully struck with virtually flawless surfaces and lovely even chocolate brown color, showing some flashes of original red and blue highlights. Gorgeous type coin. $1,450.00
1856 Half Cent PCGS / CAC PR64BN NEW* A beautiful, original Proof example showing considerable original Red in and around the devices and lettering on the obverse. Reverse shows lovely blue-green patina overall. Needle sharp strike and wonderful original surfaces finish this scarce proof issue. $7,850.00
1802 Cent PCGS AU50 Solid, even strike on both sides, showing no weakness in the design or lettering. Distraction free surfaces and even slightly deep chocolate brown with some remaining luster. Very nice and affordable type. $2,250.00
1803 Cent NGC VF35 Another pleasing, well struck Draped Bust Cent. Even chocolate brown color and problem free. Reholdered at the ANA for clear, scratch free viewing. $985.00
1803 Cent PCGS XF40 *NEW* A very solid strike on both sides with immaculate, problem free surfaces and even deep chocolate brown color. Very pleasing in every way. $1,550.00
1819 Cent PCGS / CAC MS62+ *NEW* Sharply struck on both sides with very clean, distraction free surfaces and full luster. Great quality for the grade and price. $1,090.00
1832 Cent PCGS / CAC MS64BN *SOLD - NEW* Fully struck front and back with superb surfaces and gorgeous shimmering luster on even chocolate brown surfaces. A beauty. $1,950.00
1837 HTT NGC MS65BN *ON HOLD - Aspen Park Collection - HT-57, Liberty - Not One Cent For Tribute* Pop: 1 and the finest graded. Even deep chocolate brown on a full, sharp strike with full luster. Pop: 3-62, 4-63, 0-64 and 1-65 (this token). $850.00
1837 HTT NGC MS64BN *Aspen Park Collection - HT-195, Portsmouth MA* Very choice uncirculated specimen of this Massachusetts Store Card. Even deep chocolate brown with considerable original RED in and around the lettering on both sides. Pop: 2-62, 3-63, 4-64, 0-65, 1-66. $750.00


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