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Year Denom Grader Grade
1832 Half Dime PCGS MS64 I love this type and look at every available coin at every show, buying maybe 2 or three a year. As usual, I reject the great majority, but this one was a winner. Very sharply struck on both sides, a trait that separates it from most. Basically free of marks and mostly brilliant with light silvery patina overall with some deep blue peripheral toning front and back. Finished with full, original mint luster. $1,350.00
1856 Half Dime NGC PF66+ *NEW* (J. W. Garrett Pedigree) Cert. 3814549-006 Pop: 1, none finer at NGC, with one grading event at PR66 at PCGS. With only 40-50 known, this coin is apparently the finest of this scarce date. Coin Universe Price Guide is $12,500 with no pricing available for the plus grade. $15,500.00
1839 Half Dime PCGS MS67 ***NEW*(66) Cert. 83684177 Pop: 5, 2 higher. No Drapery Half Dime. Absolutely gorgeous Superb GEM. Needle sharpl strike with perfect surfaces and beautiful golden-oragne and blue peripheral toning on glowing luster. A Monster in every respect!! $8,250.00
1861 Half Dime NGC MS65 A little Gem showing a needle sharp strike front and back and finished with beautiful aqua-blue and rose toning on both sides. Fully lustrous with superb Eye-appeal. Great type coin for the toning enthusiast $850.00
1861 Half Dime PCGS/CAC PR67 ***NEW*(65) Cert. 81902518 Pop: 2, none higher Absolutely gorgeous original GEM, straight out the original proof set packaging, the little piece of perfection boasts a needle sharp strike and a beautiful arc of rose and deep blue toning on fully reflective fields. CAC approved. $8,900.00
1805 Dime PCGS VG08 A wonderful original showing nice even wear and light to medium antique gray patina. Finding a well struck example of this type in any grade is tough. In this grade, the present piece is truly scarce with complete stars, lettering, date and eagle designs intact. Distraction free surfaces finish this little jewel. $1,100.00
1875 Dime PCGS MS66+ ***NEW*( ) Cert. 83752615 Pop: 3, 5 higher A lovely blend of silvery violet and blue patina on this original GEM. $2,150.00
1876 Dime PCGS MS66+ ***NEW*( ) Cert. 83759615 Pop: 3, 5 higher A lovely blend of silvery violet and blue patina on this original GEM. $1,675.00
1887-S Dime PCGS MS65 ***NEW*( ) Cert. 25551758 Pop: 29, 15 higher Light silvery patina with orange-rose highlights on this GEM, CAC approval Seated Dime. $1,300.00
1890 Dime NGC MS66 *NEW* Cert. 3316910-001 Brilliant white, fully struck and lustrous. Pretty much as made. $1,090.00
1891-O Dime PCGS MS67 **SOLD*NEW*(65 ) Cert. 83557055 Pop: 3, none higher Strong strike and basically original glowing white with light golden peripheral patina. Blazing luster. $9,500.00
1894 Dime PCGS PR66 *NEW* Flashy brilliant CAMEO on bright, fully reflective fields. Light golden toing at the obverse and reverse periphery add to the great eye-appeal. $2,350.00
1909 Dime NGC PF66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* A light cameo with medium to deep rose and blue patina on bright, reflective surfaces. $1,650.00
1909 Dime PCGS PF66 A beautifully toned GEM specimen that starts with a full, sharp strike and shows rose on Liberty cheek, going out to bright blue. Reverse is light blue and rose in the center and deeper bright blue at the peripheries. Gorgeous type coin. $2,600.00
1916 Dime PCGS/CAC MS66+ A beautifully toned GEM specimen that starts with a full, sharp strike and shows golden and rose on Liberty cheek, going out to bright violet and blue. Fully struck with blazing luster. Gorgeous type coin. $1,750.00
1917-D Dime PCGS MS66FB ***NEW*(65FB) Cert. 25315901 Pop: 11, 3 higher Silvery rose blending to silvery blue at the peripheries of the original GEM. $7,750.00
1937 Dime PCGS PR68 ***NEW*(67) Cert. 83593916 Pop: 33, 1 higher Just the lightest hint of patina from the original Mint packaging on this Superb GEM. $2,750.00
1952 Dime PCGS MS67+FB ***NEW*(67FB) Cert. 82616882. Pop: 5, none higher. Beautiful rose and blue toning on this Superb Gem. $1,800.00


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