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Year Denom Grader Grade
1756 8 Reale NGC AU58 *NEW* An awesome and affordable Pillar Dollar. This piece is very sharply struck front and back with just a hint of wear and lovely silvery bluish patina over almost PL fields. Flashes of rose over both sides and nice luster finish this great type. $1,450.00
1795 Dollar PCGS G06 *SOLD - NEW* (Green Label holder) Beginning life with a full, solid strike, this wonderful original shows even, natural wear and lovely antique silvery gray patina with rose and blue highlights. A great example for the price. $2,800.00
1795 Dollar PCGS VF30 *SOLD - NEW* A wonderful, original Flowing Hair Dollar showing completely distraction free surfaces, even wear, medium silvery gray patina with golden and blue highlights and amazingly enough, considerable remaining luster around the peripheral lettering and stars. Completely free of adjustment marks. A minor planchet flaw, as made, at star 13 does not diminish this incredible piece of history. $8,250.00
1798 Dollar PCGS AU50 *NEW* One of the finest Draped Bust Dollar I have ever handled. A perfect virgin original circ with superb surfaces, full strike and lovely patina. As good as the type gets, easily in the top 1-2% of all Bust Dollars for their grade. $9,850.00
1799 Dollar PCGS VF35 *NEW* I love early dollars am always on the lookout for the elusive, original, problem-free coin. Maybe one in 20-30 certified coins can make the cut. Presented here for the perfect example of type, a 1799 dollar that begins with all design details well impressed. Perfect, even wear with superb, completely original, distraction free surfaces and finished with a wonderful silvery gray, even tone. You will search long and hard to find a better representative of the type for the grade. $3,950.00
1800 Dollar PCGS / CAC VF20 *SOLD - NEW* As good as it gets for the grade, this early dollar started life with a full, even strike and has “aged” to perfection. Wonderful two-tone original silvery gray toning on problem free surfaces. Fabulous Eye-appeal on this popular Red Book variety. $3,250.00
1802 Dollar PCGS XF45 *NEW* Another piece with a sharp strike, top end surfaces and wonderful antique silvery gray patina. $6,450.00
1847 Dollar NGC AU55 *NEW* Fully struck with strong detailing front and back. Virgin original with medium to deep grayish toning. Great looking No Motto type. $1,850.00
1875-S Dollar PCGS MS64 Brilliant white, fully struck and fully lustrous with minimum contact marks for the grade and top end eye-appeal. $3,650.00
1880 Dollar PCGS PR66 CAMEO *NEW* PCGS Absolutely STUNNING Gem type. Undisturbed CAMEO devices are overlaid with light, bright rose and the deeply mirrored fields blend into deeper violet-rose and finish in violet and royal blue peripheries. Same color scheme in slightly different pattern on the reverse. Bright, deeply reflective and glowing with original BEAUTY. Top of the grade in every way combined with off the charts Eye-appeal for the type. $15,650.00
1881 Dollar PCGS PR64 CAMEO *NEW* Just out of grading at the PCGS Members Only show, this super flashy brilliant Proof shows unbroken snowy white CAMEO devices contrasting VERY deep (close to DCAM) fields. Great looking near GEM proof. $5,850.00
1878-CC Dollar NGC MS66 *SOLD - NEW* NGC Starting with a full strike and luster, this lovely Carson City Dollar shows light rose toning over the obverse and bright blue peripheral toning around the periphery. Reverse is a flashy, semi-PL brilliant white with a ring of rose and blue peripheral toning. $5,650.00
1881-S Dollar NGC / CAC MS64* *NEW* Gorgeous, intense toning from the original bag on Reverse. $1,650.00
1881-S Dollar NGC / CAC MS64* *NEW* Gorgeous, intense toning from the original bag on Reverse. $1,650.00
1881-S Dollar NGC / CAC MS64* *NEW* Gorgeous, intense toning from the original bag on Obverse. Absolutely stunning colors over the entire obverse. $3,150.00
1886 Dollar NGC MS64* *NEW - Battle Creek Collection* My reverse grade MS66+. Holdered obverse facing up. A 2-sided toner and extremely rare as such. Obverse shows a beautiful distinct arc of golden rose, going to sky blue , then golden green. Reverse is completely toned, starting at right, golden, to golden rose to violet to sky blue at the left periphery. The hazy circular pattern on the top reverse is a scuff on the holder. The coin is perfectly toned continuation of the same color patter at the right left of the holder scuff. Bright and beautiful. From the Battle Creek Collection. Much more intense and colorful than the photo indicates. $1,650.00
1899 Dollar PCGS MS66 Very choice Morgan. Fully struck, super clean surfaces and PL on both sides. $2,500.00


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