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Year Denom Grader Grade
1796 Dollar PCGS XF45 *NEW* A lovely original with two tone medium silvery gray toning. Solid strike with all design details evenly bold, Considerable remaining luster in and around the stars and lettering of the obverse and reverse. Super pleasing for the type. $10,000.00
1798 Sm. Ea., 13 Stars Dollar PCGS AU55 ***NEW*(45) Cert. 85749339 A wonderful example of this scarce variety. Strong even strike with with lovely silvery rose patina on problem free surfaces. $60,000.00
1798 Dollar PCGS XF40 *NEW* A wonderful original that starts with a strong and even strike overall, showing strong hair and drapery detail on front and complete wing and shield detailing on the back. Finished with lovely, slightly two-toned silvery gray toning. Completely free of distractions and adjustment marks. $4,350.00
1799 Dollar PCGS VF30 *NEW* A Perfect original circulated example. Two tone for extra wonderal eye-appeal. From a most discriminating collector. $3,150.00
1871 Dollar PCGS PR66+RB ***NEW* 1871 Trade Dollar Pattern in Copper, Judd-1147. Cert. 85187672 Pop: 1, none higher Another MONSTER pattern from a private collection. Intense violet and blue on immaculate, fully reflective fields. Another MONSTER!!! $27,500.00
1891 Dollar PCGS PR66DCAM ***NEW*(65CAM) Cert. 85193839 Pop: 3, 1 higher A GEM Deep Cameo, one of only three graded. $27,500.00
1899-S Dollar PCGS MS67 ***NEW*(66) Cert. 83778200 Pop: 9, 2 finer Just a hint of original pale silvery rose patina on this immaculate Morgan. Fully struck and fully lustrous. Most recent auction of a CAC approved coin is $37,600 (Heritage, 8-15). $23,500.00
1901-O Dollar PCGS MS67 ***NEW*(66) Cert. 25669017 Pop: 5, one higher (MS68) Lovely original bag toning, turquoise blue at the obverse left going to light violet rose, on the obverse of this superb GEM Morgan. Scarce, with only 5 achieving this lofty grade in 32 years of certification, with one higher. $26,000.00
1904 Dollar PCGS PR67 ***NEW*(66) Cert. 34005837 Pop: 6, 3 finer Brilliant and glowing with light rose/violet peripheral toning on both sides. A fully reflective Superb Gem. $21,500.00


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