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Year Denom Grader Grade
1853 $1 Gold PCGS MS65 *NEW* A well struck GEM with full luster. $2,700.00
1906 $2.50 PCGS MS65 *NEW* A fresh GEM with lovely light orange peel patina and full luster. $1,100.00
1827 $5.00 PCGS MS66 *SOLD - NEW* Cert. 84281450 30 Known Pop: 1, finest A beautiful, well struck GEM. Amazing quality and finest known. Price On Request. $500,000.00
1835 $5.00 PCGS MS61 *NEW* Well struck and distraction free. $5,000.00
1860 $5.00 NGC MS62 ***NEW* 1860 Mormon Gold Cert. 3146116-003 Pop: 6, 2 graded MS63, none higher A pleasing uncirculated example of this very rare Mormon Gold piece. The 1860 $5 gold denomination was the last of the gold coins produced by the Mormons, then in the Utah Territory. The obverse shows the lion of Judah surrounded by a legend in the Mormon alphabet that reads: HOLINESS TO THE LORD. The reverse shows an eagle with wings spread behind a beehive; the legend: DESERET ASSAY OFFICE PURE GOLD. Reported mintage is only 472, with survivors very scarce today. $150,000.00
1872-CC $5.00 PCGS AU53 ***NEW*(45) Cert. 25317990 Rare. Less than 100 known Pop: 12, 10 higher, but none graded in Mint State. A very pleasing old time lightly circulated Carson City gold piece. Original and uncleaned with deep golden rose patina. $19,850.00
1882-CC $5.00 PCGS MS61 ***NEW*(58) Cert. 81637300 Rare. Less than 100 known Pop: 12, 10 higher, but none graded in Mint State. A very pleasing old time lightly circulated Carson City gold piece. Original and uncleaned with deep golden rose patina. $13,000.00
1885-S $5.00 PCGS MS65 Well struck and lustrous with minimum marks for the grade. Light, original golden patina and undipped. No copper spotting. $2,450.00
1895 $5.00 PCGS/CAC MS65 *NEW* A fresh, original better date Lib, well struck with clean, distraction free surfaces and full glowing luster. $3,850.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS64 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Another top, top, top of the grade gold coin. I would grade this piece 64+ and consider it in the top 2-3% of the grade. Well struck, with absolute minimum contact marks, with original golden color and full luster. $2,400.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS64 *NEW* Cert. 2046397-029 Just purchased from the private collection of a very selective buyer, this Indian is at the top of the grade for strike, clean surfaces and original color. $2,400.00
1910-S $5.00 PCGS MS63 A very strong example for the grade, well impressed with no distracting contact marks and full luster. Very tough date. $9,350.00
1913 $5.00 NGC MS63 *NEW* A premium specimen, hand-picked and distraction free. Nice original skin and deep golden color. $1,200.00
1902 $10.00 PCGS PR64 *ON HOLD - NEW* Cert. 84292044 Bright, fully struck and fully reflective. Strong coin for the grade, with top eye-appeal. $21,000.00
1926 $10.00 PCGS MS65+ ***NEW*(64) Cert. 83780254 Pop: 28, 21 higher Absolutely GORGEOUS original GEM with fresh orange-rose patina, full struke and blazing luster. A BEAUTY!! $5,250.00
1850 $20.00 PCGS XF45 *NEW* An attractive original circulated example of first year of issue $20 Liberty. Even wear and no distractions are enhanced by light original patina. CAC approved. $3,950.00
1882-S $20.00 PCGS MS62 *NEW* Cert. 81628795 Looking for a great example of this date rarity without breaking the bank. Compare this to a MS64 coins and you will be amazed. Fully struck with flashy semi-prooflike fields. Virtually free of contact marks, but a few stray hairlines account the grade without taking away from the awesome eye-appeal. A MS63 is price guide at $17,500 and MS64 at $45,000. This beauty is probably more attractive that either if you were fortunate enough to find one and afford it. $4,750.00
1904 $20.00 PCGS MS65 *NEW* Old Green Holder. A beautiful, fresh, original Gem $20 Lib. Full strike, lovely deep golden orange patina and full luster. $3,750.00
1910 $20.00 PCGS MS65 *NEW* A beautiful original with superb surfaces, deep golden patina and glowing luster. Top of the grade. $6,500.00
1911-D/D $20.00 NGC / CAC MS65 A fresh, original GEM example of this scarce and popular D/D variety. Very well struck with immaculate surfaces, no spots and full luster. The only recent comp is a MS65 PCGS / CAC example that realized $4465 in a January, 2016 Heritage auction. $3,250.00


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