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Year Denom Grader Grade
1853 $1 Gold PCGS MS65 *NEW* A well struck GEM with full luster. $2,700.00
1895 $5.00 PCGS/CAC MS65 A fresh, original better date Lib, well struck with clean, distraction free surfaces and full glowing luster. $3,250.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS64 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Another top, top, top of the grade gold coin. I would grade this piece 64+ and consider it in the top 2-3% of the grade. Well struck, with absolute minimum contact marks, with original golden color and full luster. $2,400.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS64 Cert. 2046397-029 Just purchased from the private collection of a very selective buyer, this Indian is at the top of the grade for strike, clean surfaces and original color. $2,400.00
1910-S $5.00 PCGS MS64 ***NEW*(62) Cert. 81899178 Pop: 21, 9 higher. A very strong example for the grade, well impressed with no distracting contact marks and full luster. Very tough date. $32,500.00
1913 $5.00 NGC MS63 *NEW* A premium specimen, hand-picked and distraction free. Nice original skin and deep golden color. $950.00
1873 Cl. 3 $10.00 PCGS PR65CAM ***( ) Cert. 34731615 RARE: 12-15 Known. Pop:1 ,finest. A full point finer than the NON CAM and the DCAM. Beautiful, Black and white CAMEO. Frosty surfaces contrast VERY Deeply mirrored fields. Right on the border of Deep CAM designation. Never traded publicly. $140,000.00
1852 $20.00 PCGS XF45 An attractive, well struck, distraction free coin with lots of remaining luster. $2,300.00
1882-S $20.00 PCGS MS62 Cert. 81628795 Looking for a great example of this date rarity without breaking the bank. Compare this to a MS64 coins and you will be amazed. Fully struck with flashy semi-prooflike fields. Virtually free of contact marks, but a few stray hairlines account the grade without taking away from the awesome eye-appeal. A MS63 is price guide at $17,500 and MS64 at $45,000. This beauty is probably more attractive that either if you were fortunate enough to find one and afford it. $4,250.00
1904 $20.00 PCGS MS65 *NEW* Old Green Holder. A beautiful, fresh, original Gem $20 Lib. Full strike, lovely deep golden orange patina and full luster. $3,750.00
1910 $20.00 PCGS MS65 *NEW* A beautiful original with superb surfaces, deep golden patina and glowing luster. Top of the grade. $6,500.00
1911-S $20.00 PCGS MS65 A beautiful GEM that starts with a solid strike, shows absolute minimum contact marks for the grade and is finished with bright, blazing luster. Spot free and with an eye-popping, super flashy look. $4,250.00
1924 $20.00 NGC MS65 A premium Gem St. Fully struck and lustrous with minimal marks for the grade and free of copper spotting. $1,700.00


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