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Year Denom Grader Grade
1853 $1 Gold PCGS MS64 *NEW* Sharply struck, basically free of marks and fully lustrous. A top of the grade specimen. $1,250.00
1874 $3 PCGS / CAC AU58 *NEW* Very pleasing example with just a hint of wear and full luster. CAC stickered. $1,800.00
1836 $5 NGC XF45 *SOLD - NEW* An original, undipped Classic $5 that retains some luster in and around the devices and has an awesome die crack running from star 7, down through Liberty's hair, through the 6 in the date and into the rim. Very cool. $1,050.00
1880 $5 PCGS MS64+ *SOLD* An original near Gem undipped Liberty gold piece. Well struck, minimum marks, no distractions and attractive light orange coloration on full luster. $2,175.00
1914-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS63+ A wonderful original, undipped better date $5 Indian. Well struck and lustrous under just the right amount of time on the surfaces. Seldom seen like this in the market. $3,350.00
1907 $10.00 PCGS MS62 *NEW* A premium example for the grade, featuring a full strike and minimal marks with the top end eye-appeal associated with the date. $1,950.00
1908 $10.00 PCGS MS63 *NEW* Another date that can make for a beautiful $10 Indian, this specimen is fully struck with no distracting marks and complete, strong cartwheel luster over rich golden color. A beautiful example of one of the most exquisitely designed US coins, as most of you know, also the work of Augustus St. Gaudens. $2,350.00
1907 $20.00 NGC MS63 *NEW* This first-year-of-issue Saint can come with a lot of pop and this affordable MS63 example is unusually attractive for the grade. Very well struck for the date, which generally comes flat, this piece shows pretty, original golden-rose color and great luster. Very attractive first year St. Gaudens. $1,825.00
1914 $20.00 PCGS MS63 *NEW* PCGS A very pleasing and affordable example of the date. Well struck with minimum marks for the grade and no distractions. Nice flash and strong luster finish this much tougher Philadelphia issue. $3,150.00


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