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Year Denom Grader Grade
1834 $5 NGC AU55 *SOLD - NEW* I can’t tell you how difficult it is to find an AU example of this type that passes the APRC test. They tend to be harshly cleaned or seem to have been hacked to death. If you find one without those problems, the strike will probably suck. This coin is well struck and has light wear with super pleasing surfaces and considerable remaining luster on UNDIPPED, original surfaces. Just as pleasing as it can be. $1,975.00
1836 $5 NGC XF45 *SOLD - NEW* An original, undipped Classic $5 that retains some luster in and around the devices and has an awesome die crack running from star 7, down through Liberty's hair, through the 6 in the date and into the rim. Very cool. $1,050.00
1880 $5 PCGS MS64+ An original near Gem undipped Liberty gold piece. Well struck, minimum marks, no distractions and attractive light orange coloration on full luster. $2,175.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC MS64 A solid mint state specimen. The cheapest this type has been that I can remember. $1,700.00
1914-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS63+ A wonderful original, undipped better date $5 Indian. Well struck and lustrous under just the right amount of time on the surfaces. Seldom seen like this in the market. $3,350.00
1907 $10.00 PCGS MS64 *SOLD - NEW* If you are looking for the most beautiful $10 Indian type coin, this date seldom fails to deliver and the present piece is better than most, being at the top of its grade. Well struck front and back, this coin shows lovely deep, original golden patina with blazing luster. Free of distractions and full of glowing goodness. $4,750.00
1908 $10.00 PCGS MS63 *NEW* Another date that can make for a beautiful $10 Indian, this specimen is fully struck with no distracting marks and complete, strong cartwheel luster over rich golden color. A beautiful example of one of the most exquisitely designed US coins, as most of you know, also the work of Augustus St. Gaudens. $2,350.00
1876-CC $20.00 PCGS XF45 *NEW* PCGS A very pleasing Carson City Liberty, free of distractions with considerable remaining luster. $3,950.00
1907 $20.00 NGC MS63 *NEW* This first-year-of-issue Saint can come with a lot of pop and this affordable MS63 example is unusually attractive for the grade. Very well struck for the date, which generally comes flat, this piece shows pretty, original golden-rose color and great luster. Very attractive first year St. Gaudens. $1,825.00
1914 $20.00 PCGS MS63 *NEW* PCGS A very pleasing and affordable example of the date. Well struck with minimum marks for the grade and no distractions. Nice flash and strong luster finish this much tougher Philadelphia issue. $3,150.00
1914-D $20.00 PCGS MS65 *NEW* PCGS A gorgeous, original GEM Saint, show a full strike, blazing luster and beautiful orange rose patina. Top of the grade technically with fabulous eye-appeal. $3,250.00


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