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Year Denom Grader Grade
1853 $1 Gold PCGS MS65 *NEW* A well struck GEM with full luster. $2,700.00
1874 $1 Gold PCGS MS67+ ***NEW*(67) Cert. 06552035 Pop: 3, two higher Monster original GEM. Lovely golden rose patina on bright, fully lustrous surfaces. $4,500.00
1869 $2.50 PCGS PR65DCAM ***NEW*( ) Cert. 21674014 RARE: 16-20 Known Pop: 1, 2 higher Beautiful frosty CAMEO on Deep Deep mirrored surfaces. Original golden orange patina. A stunner!! $56,500.00
1875 $2.50 PCGS/CAC PR65CAM ***NEW* Cert. 03103252 Pop: 1, Finest Beautiful, bright CAMEO with fully reflective fields. The finest graded. $31,000.00
1882 $2.50 PCGS MS65+ ***NEW*(64) Cert. 34625687 Pop: 1, 2 higher Sharply struck and fully lustrous. Rare in Gem condition. $18,750.00
1899 $2.50 PCGS/CAC PR67+DCAM ***NEW*(67DC) Cert. 34629220 Pop: 2, with 5 grading higher CAC Approved Absolute MONSTER Deep Cameo. Fresh, original with deep golden color. CAC approved. $58,500.00
1873 CL. 3 $3.00 PCGS PR63 ***NEW*( ) Cert. 2698336 Closed 3 RARE, 5 or 6 Known. Pop: 1, 2 higher (both 65) An attractive light CAMEO (not designated) example of this VERY RARE $3 proof. $105,000.00
1865 $5.00 PCGS PR67BN ***NEW* 1865 $5 Copper Pattern, Judd-446. Cert. 85187670 Pop: 1, Finest graded Stunning superb GEM with gorgeous blue highlights. The finest. $26,000.00
1885-S $5.00 PCGS MS65 Well struck and lustrous with minimum marks for the grade. Light, original golden patina and undipped. No copper spotting. $2,050.00
1895 $5.00 PCGS/CAC MS65 *NEW* A fresh, original better date Lib, well struck with clean, distraction free surfaces and full glowing luster. $3,250.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS64 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Another top, top, top of the grade gold coin. I would grade this piece 64+ and consider it in the top 2-3% of the grade. Well struck, with absolute minimum contact marks, with original golden color and full luster. $2,400.00
1909-D $5.00 NGC / CAC MS64 *NEW* Cert. 2046397-029 Just purchased from the private collection of a very selective buyer, this Indian is at the top of the grade for strike, clean surfaces and original color. $2,400.00
1910-S $5.00 PCGS MS64 ***NEW*(62) Cert. 81899178 Pop: 21, 9 higher. A very strong example for the grade, well impressed with no distracting contact marks and full luster. Very tough date. $32,500.00
1911-S $5.00 PCGS MS64 ***NEW* (62) Cert. 85194847 Pop: 26, 9 higher A beautiful better date with rich golden-rose patina on sparkling, lustrous surfaces. $15,000.00
1913 $5.00 NGC MS63 *NEW* A premium specimen, hand-picked and distraction free. Nice original skin and deep golden color. $950.00
1861 $10.00 PCGS AU58+ *NEW* Cert. 34476518 $27,500.00
1879-O $10.00 PCGS MS60 ***NEW*(58) Cert. 34631147 Pop: 1, one higher (MS61) So much nicer than the grade would indicate. Fully Cameo Prooflike. Great looking coin. $98,500.00
1884 $10.00 PCGS/CAC PR65CAM ***NEW* Cert. 34629171 RARE: 16-20 known Pop: 1, none higher in CAM, with one grading PR65DCAM, none higher. CAC Approved. Stunning CAMEO Gem, the finest graded in CAM with one PR65 DCAM certified. Lovely original golden-orange patina. Amazing example of this RARE Proof issue. CAC Approved. $115,000.00
1857-S $20.00 PCGS/CAC MS67 ***NEW*(66) "20B Bold S" Cert. (?) SSCA 0504 Pop: 12, none higher. One of only two approved by CAC. Stunning original Superb Gem. My eyeballs about fell out of their sockets when I first looked at this MONSTER. Needle sharp strike with absolutely GORGEOUS surfaces, deep golden orange patina and blazing luster. One of only two approved by CAC in MS67, none are graded finer. $188,500.00
1873 Closed 3 $20.00 PCGS PR63DCAM *NEW* Cert. 25541776 Pop: 1, Finest in Deep Cam Gorgeous Deep Deep mirrored CAMEO. The finest Deep Cam of the date. $130,000.00


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