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Year Denom Grader Grade
1806 Half NGC VF30 *NEW* Very pleasing original, well struck overall, with just light even wear and lovely silvery gray patina. $1,375.00
1812 Half PCGS XF45 *NEW* A perfect, original circ. Showing a full, complete strike front and back and considerable remaining luster in the around the stars and lettering on both sides. Wonderful even medium silvery gray patina with rose and blue highlights. $885.00
1829 Half NGC MS63 *SOLD* A beautifully toned Bust Half that starts with a full strike front and back and shows gorgeous violet rose and blue green toning in and around the devices on the obverse. Reverse is silvery rose going to bright rose and blue at the peripheries. A stunner. $2,800.00
1834 Half PCGS MS62 Complete, sharp strike with all design details crisp. Surfaces are distraction free and finished with original even silvery gray toning and full luster. Exceptionally nice for the grade. $1,875.00
1838 Half PCGS AU55 A great looking coin that starts with a needle sharp strike on both sides, just a touch of even wear, great surfaces and lovely even medium silvery gray antique toning. As nice as it gets for the grade with awesome eye-appeal. $1,050.00
1838 Half NGC MS62 Sharply struck on both sides with original silvery gray patina and nice full luster. Very attractive and affordable type. $1,800.00
1838 Half NGC MS62 Sharply struck on both sides with original deep silvery gray patina and good luster. Very attractive and affordable type. $1,950.00
1854-O Half PCGS MS64 Very sharp and fully detailed strike on both sides. Basically brilliant with some pretty silvery-blue patina in and around the stars on the obverse. Fascinating and unusual die breaks on the obverse enhance the cool factor of this wonderful “Arrows” Half. Top end, distraction free surfaces and full luster complete this great two-year type. $3,000.00
1861 Half NGC PF66+RB CAMEO Liberty Seated Half Pattern in Copper (J-280, “God Our Trust”) PF66+RB CAMEO NGC Picked from a private collection, this is just a STUNNING Copper Proof and FINEST graded at either service. I seldom buy patterns, but this coin was so compelling and reasonably priced, I had to put it into inventory. Needle sharp strike with Cameo devices contrasting fully bright and reflective surfaces. Gorgeous, even rose tinged brown. Superb in every way with Extreme Eye-Appeal. $11,350.00
1879 Half PCGS MS66 A gorgeous original GEM showing a sharp strike on flashy semi-PL fields, finished with medium to deep silvery blue patina with rose highlights. Reverse is rose in the center with pretty bright blue peripheral toning. Immaculate surfaces and full luster complete this low mintage (4800 struck). $7,250.00
1896 Half PCGS MS64 Sharply struck on fresh, brilliant white surfaces. Very clean…a top of the grade Barber in every way. Finished with light golden patina framing the rim. Fully lustrous. $2,400.00
1905 Half NGC PF67 Just superb in every way. Fully PF67 technically with light cameo devices contrasting very deep, haze free fields. Completely free of distractions with top end eye-appeal. $6,850.00
1911 Half PCGS PF66 CAMEO An incredibly pleasing type coin featuring completely distraction free snowy white cameo devices contrasting deeply mirrored fields. Brilliant and flashy. At the top of the grade in every respect. $5,750.00
1942 Half NGC PF67 Light, but distinct CAMEO on both sides of this very flashy brilliant Proof. Reverse Cameo is even stronger. Exceptional Proof. $1,025.00
1942 Half NGC PF67+ Very flashy brilliant Superb Gem. Awarded a Plus by NGC and completely deserving of the designation. $1,375.00


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