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Year Denom Grader Grade
1806 Half NGC VF30 Very pleasing original, well struck overall, with just light even wear and lovely silvery gray patina. $1,200.00
1809 Half PCGS AU50 *NEW* A well struck original example of this early Bust Half. Strong hair detail, full clasp and drapery on front with good wing detail and full “E Pluribus Unum” on reverse. Distraction free surfaces are finished in light to medium silvery golden with rose and blue highlights. Considerable luster around the lettering and stars of the peripheries of both sides. $1,000.00
1811 Half PCGS MS63 *ON HOLD - NEW* This coin has been hidden in my safe for several years, a raw coin from a long ago trade deal. I discovered it and thought for sure it would grade MS64…not to be. Fully struck with wonderful silvery gray patina, with blue and golden rose at the peripheries. Incredible eye-appeal. The most recent comp is a MS62 example which realized $4070 in a June, 2016 Legend auction. $5,450.00
1818/7 Half PCGS XF45 *NEW* Another virgin original that started life with a solid strick and shows even wear and wonderful medium silvery gray tone. $925.00
1827 Half PCGS / CAC MS65+ *NEW* (Friend Pedigree) Cert. 26813367 In my mind this piece blows away every MS66 Bust Half I have seen. Very sharply struck, superb, virtually mark free surfaces. No “rubby” look to the cheek as is so prevalent with this type and full, glowing luster on silvery-golden-rose patina. A MONSTER Bust Half without the mega-buck price tag. $16,500.00
1828 Half NGC / CAC MS62 *NEW* Cert. 2037687-079 Own a piece of numismatic history and a fabulous original Bust Half on the cheap. Showing a solid strike front and back this very cool coin exhibits wonderful original two-tone silvery gray patina, giving it an awesome look. $1,690.00
1834 Half PCGS AU53 An exceptional lightly circulated Bust Half, fully struck on both sides with medium to deep silvery gray toning over virtually full luster $485.00
1834 Half NGC MS61 *NEW* Here is an affordable Bust Half type with the look of a much higher grade. Fully struck front and back with strong hair detail, complete drapery and sharp clasp. Reverse is equally well struck with all design details bold. Virtually free of contact marks and nothing at all distracting. Light silvery patina with some blue at the rims and finished with good luster. $1,290.00
1834 Half PCGS MS62 Complete, sharp strike with all design details crisp. Surfaces are distraction free and finished with original even silvery gray toning and full luster. Exceptionally nice for the grade. $1,575.00
1834 Half PCGS MS62 *NEW* Cert. 25533500 Taking it down a couple notches in grade, but keeping all the eye-appeal, this affordable Bust Half shows intense bright blue with rose highlights. Fully struck and fully lustrous with absolutely no distractions. $1,975.00
1838 Half PCGS AU55 A great looking coin that starts with a needle sharp strike on both sides, just a touch of even wear, great surfaces and lovely even medium silvery gray antique toning. As nice as it gets for the grade with awesome eye-appeal. $950.00
1838 Half NGC MS62 Sharply struck on both sides with original silvery gray patina and nice full luster. Very attractive and affordable type. $1,450.00
1838 Half NGC MS62 Sharply struck on both sides with original deep silvery gray patina and good luster. Very attractive and affordable type. $1,850.00
1854 Half PCGS MS62 A super pleasing original example of this popular Arrows variety. Fully struck without distracting marks or spots. Light to medium silvery patina with rose highlights and good luster. $875.00
1856-O Half PCGS MS64 *ON HOLD* NEW* As pleasing as it could possibly be, this New Orleans mint No Motto Half boasts a full, sharp strike on both sides with lovely light silvery rose and blue patina sitting atop glowing luster. $2,350.00
1885 Half NGC PF64 CAMEO *NEW* Cert. 4195615-003 A flashy brilliant blazing Black and White CAMEO. Super flash and eye-appeal. Zero haze. $2,275.00
1887 Half PCGS PR64+CAMEO *Henry Hamilton Collection* A lovely original just miss GEM, this proof shows a needle strike front and back with bright CAMEO devices overlaid with light rose patina going to deeper blues and orange-rose at the periphery. Fully reflective and very appealing. $2,550.00
1896 Half PCGS MS64 *ON HOLD* Sharply struck on fresh, brilliant white surfaces. Very clean…a top of the grade Barber in every way. Finished with light golden patina framing the rim. Fully lustrous. $2,400.00
1897 Half PCGS PR65+ DEEP CAMEO *NEW* Cert. 82186214 ABSOLUTE MONSTER eye appeal!!! One of the most beautiful of the type I have seen and certainly the most Monstrous PR65 Barber Half I have ever listed. Thick white CAMEO on DEEP, DEEP Mirrors, finished with a ring of golden and deep blue peripheral toning on BOTH sides. A wonder coin. $5,950.00
1905 Half NGC PF67 *ON HOLD* Just superb in every way. Fully PF67 technically with light cameo devices contrasting very deep, haze free fields. Completely free of distractions with top end eye-appeal. $6,250.00


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