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Year Denom Grader Grade
1852 Silver PCGS / CAC MS66+ The grade tells the story. Brilliant white with a strong strike, perfect surfaces and glowing luster. $2,950.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS64 Full, sharp strike front and back, an attribute that is difficult to find with this type. I reject 80% of this type on strike alone. Super clean surfaces and finished with full luster on even silvery blue patina overall. Better than most graded MS65. $750.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS66 A basically flawless original with a needle sharp strike on both sides. Light silvery patina overall with splashes of golden rose and green. Finished with full luster. Impeccable and worthy of the finest type or date set. $1,950.00
1862 Silver NGC / CAC MS66 "Highland Collection" Pedigree. A beautiful original. Very sharp strike front and back, with all star and shield lines complete and sharp. Light silvery rose and blue with splashes of light color throughout. Superb, clean surfaces and fully lustrous. A superior type in every respect. $1,650.00
1878 3CN PCGS PR67 *Henry Hamilton Collection* As with virtually every coin in this collection, this piece has that extra pizazz that sets it apart. Needle sharp strike with flawless, spot free surfaces and attractive light patina. $1,750.00
1881 3CN NGC PF67 CAMEO *NEW* A Superb Gem in every sense. Fully struck with CAMEO devices contrasting perfect reflective fields. Finished with just a hint of golden patina. Completely free of distractions. $1,450.00
1876 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66+ CAMEO *NEW* A gorgeous CAMEO showing a needle sharp strike and deep, undisturbed fields. $1,950.00
1882 Nickel PCGS PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* A bright, fully struck Gem with a hint of rose patina overall. $875.00
1882 Nickel NGC / CAC PR66+ I have seen and purchased many Highland Collection coins in the past year or so. I don't know who assembled the collection, but they had an exceptional eye for great greats. This piece shows a needle sharp strike witrh flawless reflective surfaces and spot free. Truly superb. Awarde both the "plus" designation from NGC and a CAC sticker. $1,100.00
1883 Nickel PCGS MS66 *NEW* Needle sharp strike on both sides, more reminiscent of a proof striking than a business strike. Virtually mark free and fully lustrous with no spots. Easily top 10% of the grade for type. $1,175.00
1885 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66+ *Henry Hamilton Collection* Starting with a needle sharp strike on both sides, this light Cameo (not designated) proof shows beautiful pastel rose and golden patina on bright reflective surfaces. Top end eye-appeal. $2,550.00
1887 Nickel PCGS PR66 CAMEO *Henry Hamilton Collection* Beautiful light rose and blue patina overlay a needle sharp strike in Gem Cameo Proof. Bright and flashy with superb eye-appeal. $2,850.00
1900 Nickel PCGS PF67 *Henry Hamilton Collection* An even blend of the silvery rose and light blue patina on this glowing Superb Gem proof. $1,625.00
1906 Nickel NGC PF67+ *NEW* Gorgeous, glowing Superb Gem Proof showing a strong strike and flawless shimmering surfaces. Finished with even light golden-rose patina overall. $2,500.00
1909 Nickel PCGS PF67 Beautiful, original light Cameo (Not designated) with light iridescent silvery blue patina. An original Superb Gem. $1,650.00
1909 Nickel PCGS PR67 CAMEO *ON HOLD - Henry Hamilton Collection* 1909 Liberty Nickel PR67 CAMEO PCGS An original Cameo Super Gem. Fully struck with light rose patina and basically flawless, reflective surfaces. $1,850.00
1910 Nickel PCGS PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Absolutely gorgeous, original CAMEO (not designated) Proof. Light even silvery rose patina on bright, superb surfaces. This coin glows and is in the top 5% of the grade, rivalling most residing in PR67 holders. $950.00
1912 Nickel PCGS PR65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Sharply struck with light rose patina on bright proof surfaces. $525.00
1913 Nickel PCGS PR67 *ON HOLD - Henry Hamilton Collection* Here is another coin that I have a specific memory of buying because it is so exceptional. Bought this coin the day before set-up day in the lobby of the Long Beach Hyatt, probably about 8 years ago. Just crossed to PCGS from a PF67 NGC / CAC holder, this gorgeous proof is deserving of a “plus” designation IMO. Silvery blue and golden rose patina blend in stunning fashion on this flawless, glowing proof. So much better than 90% of the PR67 Mattes I see. A true original Superb Gem with out-of-park Eye-Appeal… $7,250.00
1913-D Nickel PCGS MS65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* 1913-D Buffalo Nickel T-1 MS65 PCGS Just the slightest hint of silvery blue with some rose at top on this well struck, lustrous Gem. $335.00


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