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Year Denom Grader Grade
1851 Silver PCGS MS66 *NEW* A well struck Gem with multi-colored toning and full luster. $1,350.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS64 Full, sharp strike front and back, an attribute that is difficult to find with this type. I reject 80% of this type on strike alone. Super clean surfaces and finished with full luster on even silvery blue patina overall. Better than most graded MS65. $675.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS66 Beautiful blue and violet rose overlay a full, sharp strike front and back on this exceptional type . A beauty. $1,950.00
1881 3CN NGC PF67 CAMEO A Superb Gem in every sense. Fully struck with CAMEO devices contrasting perfect reflective fields. Finished with just a hint of golden patina. Completely free of distractions. $1,285.00
1871 Nickel PCGS PR67+ ***NEW*(66CAM) Cert. 34211197 Pop: 1, Finest graded, with no CAM's equal or finer. Needle sharp strike with pretty light golden rose patina on bright, fully reflective surfaces. The finest of the date. $16,500.00
1879/8 Nickel PCGS PR66+ CAMEO *NEW* A sparkling Gem, fully struck with snowy white cameo contrasting very deep mirrors on both sides. Close to Deep CAM and basically without flaw. $2,150.00
1882 Nickel PCGS PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* A bright, fully struck Gem with a hint of rose patina overall. $875.00
1885 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66+ *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 25019877 Starting with a needle sharp strike on both sides, this light Cameo (not designated) proof shows beautiful pastel rose and golden patina on bright reflective surfaces. Top end eye-appeal. $2,550.00
1887 Nickel PCGS PR66 CAMEO *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 50120577 Beautiful light rose and blue patina overlay a needle sharp strike in Gem Cameo Proof. Bright and flashy with superb eye-appeal. $2,850.00
1908 Nickel PCGS PR67 ***NEW*(PR66CAM) Cert. 84331090 Pop: 28, 6 grading higher. Brilliant and flashy with a light CAMEO and super deep fields. Basically flawless. Any little specks are dust or on the holder. This coin is perfect. $1,550.00
1909 Nickel PCGS PF67 Beautiful, original light Cameo (Not designated) with light iridescent silvery blue patina. An original Superb Gem. $1,450.00
1910 Nickel PCGS PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 25588601 Absolutely gorgeous, original CAMEO (not designated) Proof. Light even silvery rose patina on bright, superb surfaces. This coin glows and is in the top 5% of the grade, rivalling most residing in PR67 holders. $950.00
1911 Nickel PCGS MS66 *NEW* Cert. 81666475 Fully detailed strike front and back with light rose-gold patina overall and finished with glowing luster. Top of the grade. $775.00
1912 Nickel PCGS MS66 *NEW* Beauitiful light silvery rose centers out to light blue at the peripheries on both sides of this lustrous GEM. Top end eye-appeal. $1,050.00
1912 Nickel PCGS PR65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 22088853 Sharply struck with light rose patina on bright proof surfaces. $525.00
1913 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66 *NEW* A true flashy GEM with original light golden patina on flashy, flawless, spot free surfaces. CAC approved and rightfully so. $4,550.00
1914 Nickel NGC PF66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* A great Matte Proof. Sharply struck and completely spot free. Light silvery rose patina on bright, flashy surfaces. $2,975.00
1914-S Nickel PCGS MS65 *New* Cert. 81690699 A fully struck Gem with glowing, lustrous surfaces under light silvery blue and golden-rose patina. Spot free. $1,850.00
1936 Nickel PCGS Brilliant PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 21195949 An original flashy gem with just a hint of patina. Bright and fully reflective. $2,600.00
1937 Nickel PCGS PR67 *NEW* Beautiful rose and blue patina front and back on this flashy, fully reflective GEM Proof. $2,150.00


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