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Year Denom Grader Grade
1851 Silver PCGS MS66 *NEW* A well struck Gem with multi-colored toning and full luster. $1,350.00
1852 Silver PCGS / CAC MS66+ The grade tells the story. Brilliant white with a strong strike, perfect surfaces and glowing luster. $2,650.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS64 Full, sharp strike front and back, an attribute that is difficult to find with this type. I reject 80% of this type on strike alone. Super clean surfaces and finished with full luster on even silvery blue patina overall. Better than most graded MS65. $675.00
1870 3CN PCGS MS66 ***NEW*(65) Cert. 83759001 Pop: 32, 3 higher Seldom seen in GEM, this piece is sharply struck and fully lustrous $2,650.00
1881 3CN NGC PF67 CAMEO A Superb Gem in every sense. Fully struck with CAMEO devices contrasting perfect reflective fields. Finished with just a hint of golden patina. Completely free of distractions. $1,350.00
1881 3CN NGC PR67* CAMEO *NEW* Cert. 5141967-002 An strongly struck undisturbed CAMEO Superb Gem. Nice contrast against fully reflective mirrors and awarded a Star by NGC for top end eye-appeal. $1,550.00
1866 Nickel PCGS MS65 *ON HOLD - NEW* Cert. 81951585 By far the biggest issue with “Rays” nickels is the plethora of weakly struck specimens. About 70-80% show obvious weakness. Here is a wonderful exception showing a needle sharp strike on both sides, with full shield lines and completely defined stars and rays on back. Basically devoid of contact marks and other distractions, this great “first year of issue” is finished with full glowing luster. $1,800.00
1876 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66+ CAMEO *ON HOLD* A gorgeous CAMEO showing a needle sharp strike and deep, undisturbed fields. $1,950.00
1879/8 Nickel PCGS PR66+ CAMEO *NEW* A sparkling Gem, fully struck with snowy white cameo contrasting very deep mirrors on both sides. Close to Deep CAM and basically without flaw. $2,450.00
1882 Nickel PCGS PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* A bright, fully struck Gem with a hint of rose patina overall. $875.00
1882 Nickel NGC / CAC PR66+ I have seen and purchased many Highland Collection coins in the past year or so. I don't know who assembled the collection, but they had an exceptional eye for great greats. This piece shows a needle sharp strike witrh flawless reflective surfaces and spot free. Truly superb. Awarde both the "plus" designation from NGC and a CAC sticker. $950.00
1883 Nickel PCGS MS66 Needle sharp strike on both sides, more reminiscent of a proof striking than a business strike. Virtually mark free and fully lustrous with no spots. Easily top 10% of the grade for type. $950.00
1883 Nickel NGC MS67 *NEW* Superb quaility combined with outstanding eye-appeal. Sharply struck and finished with light rose and golden rose patina. $3,250.00
1885 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66+ *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 25019877 Starting with a needle sharp strike on both sides, this light Cameo (not designated) proof shows beautiful pastel rose and golden patina on bright reflective surfaces. Top end eye-appeal. $2,550.00
1887 Nickel PCGS MS66+ ***NEW*(66) Cert. 25363968 Pop: 3, 3 higher A sparkling brilliant GEM, fully struck with glowing, almost prooflike luster. $6,750.00
1887 Nickel PCGS PR66 CAMEO *Henry Hamilton Collection* Cert. 50120577 Beautiful light rose and blue patina overlay a needle sharp strike in Gem Cameo Proof. Bright and flashy with superb eye-appeal. $2,850.00
1888 Nickel PCGS MS66 ***NEW*(65) Cert. 25021206 Pop: 18, 5 higher Light silvery blue and golden patina on this fully struck GEM. $3,450.00
1893 Nickel PCGS PR67CAMEO ***NEW*(66CAM) Cert. 25676786 Pop: 17, 4 higher Stunning Black and White CAMEO. Crisp and clean with no distractions. Strong contrast and very deeply mirrored. Awesome Proof. $3,750.00
1894 Nickel PCGS MS66 ***NEW*(65) Cert. 82691156 Pop: 34, 9 higher Light silvery golden with splashes of rose. Sharply struck and fully lustrous. $2,750.00
1906 Nickel PCGS MS66 ***NEW*(65) Cert. 25021224 Pop: 38, 6 higher A sparkling GEM, virtually flawless, with a full strike and luster. $2,150.00


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