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Year Denom Grader Grade
1852 Silver PCGS / CAC MS66+ *NEW* The grade tells the story. Brilliant white with a strong strike, perfect surfaces and glowing luster. $2,950.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS64 Full, sharp strike front and back, an attribute that is difficult to find with this type. I reject 80% of this type on strike alone. Super clean surfaces and finished with full luster on even silvery blue patina overall. Better than most graded MS65. $850.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS66 *NEW* A basically flawless original with a needle sharp strike on both sides. Light silvery patina overall with splashes of golden rose and green. Finished with full luster. Impeccable and worthy of the finest type or date set. $1,950.00
1862 Silver NGC / CAC MS66 "Highland Collection" Pedigree. A beautiful original. Very sharp strike front and back, with all star and shield lines complete and sharp. Light silvery rose and blue with splashes of light color throughout. Superb, clean surfaces and fully lustrous. A superior type in every respect. $1,750.00
1888 Nickel PCGS MS67 A flawless Superb Gem. Full, sharp strike on both sides, mark free with blazing luster. $2,400.00
1866 Nickel PCGS MS65 Once again, weak strikes are the norm on this type and I only buy full strikes, which this coin has. Free of marks and distractions and with semi-prooflike fields. Very attractive type. $1,985.00
1881 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR67 CAM *NEW* Very flashy, brilliant Superb Gem showing CAMEO devices contrasting deeply mirrored, haze free fields. Basically perfect with Eye-Popping Appeal. $2,875.00
1882 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66 CAM *NEW* A flashy, brilliant GEM with Cameo devices contrasting nicely mirrored fields. Free of all distractions and spots. $1,250.00
1909 Nickel PCGS PF67 Beautiful, original light Cameo (Not designated) with light iridescent silvery blue patina. An original Superb Gem. $1,950.00
1916 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66 *NEW* A gorgeous example of this key date Matte. The biggest problem with Matte Proof Buffalo’s is their tendency to develop tiny carbon spots, an issue that plagues these coins in all grades, including PR66 and higher. This coin is a happy exception…free of spotting, strong strike, perfect surfaces and finished with gorgeous blue and rose highlights on bright, flashy surfaces. Conservatively graded and extraordinarily Eye-appealing. $5,450.00
1936 Nickel NGC / CAC PF67 *NEW* Basically a perfect Proof showing a full strike, gorgeous, glowing surfaces and lovely light steel blue and orange-rose patina. $2,750.00


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