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Year Denom Grader Grade
1861 Silver PCGS / CAC MS64 *NEW* Awesome type coin for the grade and price. Fully struck, which is by itself a difficult trait on this type. Wonderful, original silvery rose toning overall with flashes of intense blue on both sides. Basically mark free and fully lustrous. A FABULOUS type coin. $1,150.00
1879 Nickel NGC MS65 A fully struck original GEM with light silvery rose patina overall. Fully struck and fully lustrous. Very top of the grade. $835.00
1884 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR67 CAMEO *NEW* Superb in every way, this brilliant CAMEO Proof shows strong CAMEO contrast on distraction free deeply reflective fields. The most I have every paid for this grade and purchased from a dealer who submitted it several times for a PR68 grade. $2,275.00
1866 Nickel PCGS MS65 *NEW* An unusually sharp strike on both sides of this 2 year type. Very clean surfaces and free of carbon spots. Finished with full luster over just the slightest hint of original patina. $2,250.00
1867 Nickel PCGS MS65 *NEW* Very sharply struck on both sides, which is an unusual characteristic of this two-year “Rays” type. Surfaces are basically free of marks and distractions and the coin is fully lustrous. Much nicer than another of the same type I saw at the Baltimore show in a MS65+ PCGS holder. $3,950.00
1881 Nickel NGC PF67 CAMEO *NEW* Fully struck, flashy, brilliant, virtually flawless CAMEO Superb Gem. Nice contrast on deeply mirrored fields. $2,750.00
1888 Nickel PCGS / CAC PR66 *NEW* Beautiful light iridescent blue-green and violet-rose patina over immaculate Proof surfaces. $1,150.00
1909 Nickel NGC / CAC PF67 *NEW* Beautiful, original light Cameo (Not designated) with light iridescent silvery blue patina. An original Superb Gem. $1,850.00
1909 Nickel NGC PF67+ CAMEO Monster Type at a reasonable price. Very thick, frosty white CAMEO portrait contrasts very deeply mirrored fields on the obverse. Reverse shows a nice CAMEO and strong contrast with just a small area of very light golden patina. Awarded the “Plus” designation by NGC and full deserving. Basically brilliant overall and Eye-Popping in appearance. $2,450.00
1913-D Nickel PCGS / CAC MS66 *NEW* A well struck Gem. Great surfaces finished with silvery rose and blue iridescent toning and full luster. $1,175.00
1914 Nickel NGC / CAC PF66 *NEW* A true GEM in every respect. Full, sharp strike, super clean original surfaces with light silvery blue and rose patina on bright, flashy surfaces. Free of the spots that usually plague Matte Proofs. $3,575.00
1914-S Nickel PCGS MS65 *NEW* Fully struck with great surfaces and light patina over strong luster. A spot free GEM. $2,500.00
1915 Nickel NGC / CAC PF65 *NEW* (Early NGC Holder) Superb quality. Fully struck with immaculate, flashy surfaces and just a hint of original patina. Spot free and incredibly rare as such, even for PR66 and PR67 grades. Buy this one before a crack-out dealer picks it off. $2,650.00
1917 Nickel PCGS MS66 *NEW* Superb early buffalo with a full strike and light silvery rose patina on fully lustrous surfaces. Super clean and spot free GEM. $1,925.00
1937 Nickel NGC / CAC PF67 *NEW* Another Top, Top, Top of the grade and another example that compelled me to pay the highest price ever for this particular type. Flawless and bright with glowing reflective surfaces. Completely free of spots and distractions of any kind. SUPERB. The finest of the grade I have seen. $2,950.00


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