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Year Denom Grader Grade
1806 Quarter PCGS F12 Wonderful, original two tone patina. Well struck overall with even wear and no distractions. Superb eye-appeal. PCGS Coin # 5314. PCGS Grade: F12. PCGS Cert: 29702854. $1,100.00
1818 Quarter NGC AU53 A perfect original circ example of this popular type. Starting with a full, even strike, this wonderful type coin shows light even wear, problem free surfaces and virgin original silvery gray patina, just like you want it. $2,750.00
1832 Quarter PCGS MS64 *ON HOLD*NEW* Cert. 32804 The picture does not do this coin justice. Very attractive silvery blue with golden orange peripheral highlights. Well struck, problem free and fully lustrous. $7,500.00
1834 Quarter PCGS AU53 A fully struck example with light silvery patina overall and finished with golden rose in and around the devices and stars. Considerable remaining luster finishes this appealing type. $890.00
1854 Quarter PCGS AU55 A perfect original circ, showing a full strike and considerable luster with even medium silvery gray toning, light golden at the peripheries. $475.00
1856 Quarter PCGS MS66 *ON HOLD*NEW* Cert. 83993502 Pop: 12, none higher A cool original that shows light golden-rose toning with splashes of blue and orange-rose at the peripheries. The complete strike is enhanced by full luster. $4,450.00
1859 Quarter PCGS PR64 *NEW* Cert. 82249370 Deep blue with rose highlights overall, this very cool specimen is fully struck and fully reflective. A wonderful and affordable example of the “No Motto” type. $2,400.00
1868-S Quarter PCGS MS66 ***NEW*(63 ) Cert. 81618234 Pop: 1, 1 higher Price Guide: $42,500 An amazing RARITY in any GEM grade. Pop: are 0-65, 1-65+, 1-66 (this coin) and 1-67+. this piece is an original fully struck GEM, fully deserving of the grade and a MAJOR condition rarity, with one coin grading higher. Lovely blend of golden orange and green with full luster. $42,500.00
1877-S Quarter NGC MS63 Fully struck, mark-free and brilliant with full luster. The look of a GEM, but light, unnoticeable hairlines account the grade and price. $560.00
1877-S Quarter PCGS MS65 A lovely original showing a full strike, basically mark free surfaces and pretty silvery rose toing with splashes of aqua-blue. Finished with full luster. $1,765.00
1884 Quarter PCGS/CAC PR67 ***NEW*(66CAM) Cert.84291768 Pop: 9, 2 higher. CAC approved. A beautiful original Super Gem Proof. Needle sharp strike on immaculate, fully reflective surfaces. Finished with even medium blue-green toning. $6,750.00
1888-S Quarter PCGS/CAC MS66 *ON HOLD*NEW* Cert. 83999048 Pop: 8, 1 higher CAC Approved Lovely GEM Seated quarter, fully struck with super clean surfaces and pretty peripheral toning. Finished with full luster. $9,900.00
1890 Quarter PCGS MS67+ *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 33682515 Pop: 4, 1 higher A true Superb Gem, fully struck with lovely aqua blue blending into silvery rose on both sides. Immaculate surfaces and glowing luster. $7,500.00
1892 Quarter NGC MS65 A lovely original Gem with brilliant centers going out to violet, orange and blue around the peripheries on the obverse. Reverse is a light even bluish rose. Strike is full and luster is complete. Very attractive type coin. $1,075.00
1892 Quarter PCGS/CAC MS66+ ***NEW*(66) Cert. 81879675 Pop: 11, 37 higher. A true original GEM, so much more impressive in hand. Sharply struck with medium steel blue and powder rose obverse patina on flashy, semi-prooflike fields. Reverse is a gorgeous bullseye, brilliant in the center, going out to light violet-rose and deep blue at the peripheries. CAC approved. $2,575.00
1893 Quarter PCGS MS66 *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 83677235 Pop: 11, 3 higher. A true original GEM, so much more impressive in hand. Sharply struck with medium steel blue and powder rose obverse patina on flashy, semi-prooflike fields. $3,750.00
1909-D Quarter PCGS MS65 ***NEW*(64) Cert. 25681871 Pop: 39, 24 higher Fully struck and completely untouched original with light silvery/russet patina, deeper at the peripheries. $950.00
1912-S Quarter PCGS MS66+ ***NEW*(66) Cert. 82621933 Pop: 2, 4 higher Sharply struck with just a hint of patina and full, glowing luster. $4,750.00
1930 Quarter PCGS MS66FH A beautiful original, mostly brilliant in the centers with glowing luster and finished with very cool, deep burnt orange and rose peripheral toning. Great eye-appeal. $1,100.00
1934 Quarter PCGS MS68 *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 25616540 Pop: 2, none higher Light pale blue and golden-rose irridescence on this finest quality Washington quarter. $16,500.00


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