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Year Denom Grader Grade
1806 Quarter PCGS F12 *NEW* Wonderful, original two tone patina. Well struck overall with even wear and no distractions. Superb eye-appeal. $1,385.00
1818 Quarter NGC AU53 *NEW* A perfect original circ example of this popular type. Starting with a full, even strike, this wonderful type coin shows light even wear, problem free surfaces and virgin original silvery gray patina, just like you want it. $2,875.00
1833 Quarter PCGS AU50 Starting with a full, even strike, this coin shows even some even wear, light silvery patina with deeper gray in the recesses of Liberty and surrounding her outline and deeper gray around the periphery and stars. Similar reverse. Very appealing slightly better date. $1,150.00
1834 Quarter PCGS AU53 A fully struck example with light silvery patina overall and finished with golden rose in and around the devices and stars. Considerable remaining luster finishes this appealing type. $1,100.00
1835 Quarter PCGS XF45 Very well struck with light even wear, nice, problem free surfaces and attractive original even silvery gray toning. Pleasing type coin. $675.00
1875 Quarter NGC MS64 *NEW* Whether you are seeking the perfect representation of the type on a budget or need this date to fill in a set, this coin is virtually perfect. Fully struck with complete hair detail, folds in the drapery and fully detailed in every design aspect. Surfaces are immaculate and the toning is a lovely light rose-orange. Finished with strong luster. You will love this coin. $1,225.00
1889 Quarter PCGS MS67+ *NEW* Fully struck Superb Gem with virtually perfect surfaces, gorgeous sea blue and green patina with rose highlights and finished with blazing luster. Pop: 3, with 2 grading MS68. Ultra low original mintage of only 12,000. AWESOME type coin $7,250.00
1892 Quarter NGC MS65 A lovely original Gem with brilliant centers going out to violet, orange and blue around the peripheries on the obverse. Reverse is a light even bluish rose. Strike is full and luster is complete. Very attractive type coin. $1,350.00
1900 Quarter NGC PF67* CAMEO A gorgeous Superb Gem featuring a strong CAMEO portrail, graced with a hint of golden patina, contrasting deeply reflective fields enhanced by light rose and royal blue around the peripheries of both sides. Awesome Proof type. Star designated by NGC for exceptional Eye-Appeal. $5,250.00
1909 Quarter NGC MS64 Well struck, brilliant white and lustrous. Very high end technically and strong eye-appeal. $675.00
1914 Quarter PCGS MS64 *NEW* Brilliant and well struck with just a hint of creamy patina. Completely mark free and lustrous. $650.00
1916-D Quarter NGC MS66 *NEW* A gorgeous toned example showing a full, sharpl strike and bright lustrous surfaces. Mostly brilliant with beautiful sky blue and rose peripheral toning. Mint State Barber coinage is scarce with beautiful toning. $2,450.00
1917 Quarter PCGS MS66FH *NEW* Once again, these are not all created equal and I reject most that I see for weakly struck design details and distracting marks…and yes I’m talking about MS66 examples. This coin is FULLY Struck, showing full detail in the head and complete shield and border dotting on the shield. Brilliant white with just a bit of toning around the rim and full, glowing, eye-popping luster. $1,925.00
1924 Quarter PCGS MS65FH Very attractive light golden rose on a full strike and finished with bright, blazing luster. $1,725.00
1925 Quarter NGC MS65FH *NEW* An original flashy GEM, showing a very sharp strike with Full Head, even silvery rose toning over bright, blazing luster. $1,250.00
1930 Quarter PCGS MS66FH *NEW* PCGS A beautiful original, mostly brilliant in the centers with glowing luster and finished with very cool, deep burnt orange and rose peripheral toning. Great eye-appeal. $1,675.00


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