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Year Denom Grader Grade
1900 Lafayette NGC MS63 *ON HOLD* I can’t remember the last time I bought a Lafayette Dollar in any grade. They are truly scarce devoid of distracting marks or unattractive toning and often have dull luster. This MS63 is top of the grade in every grade. Sharply struck and completely devoid of distracting marks, this coin is brilliant with full luster and just a hint of lovely rose patina. If you know You will be amazing at the quality for the grade. $1,800.00
1900 Lafayette PCGS MS64+ *Henry Hamilton Collection* OMG, I remember the moment I saw this coin. An unknown collector approached me at a coin show and said he was directed by other dealers to my table. He handed me what is probably the most beautifully toned Lafayette Dollar I have seen in all of my 36 years of dealing in amazing toned commems. I can only recall two other examples that would be in the same league. One was a MS66 NGC coin which I sold for $25,000 and another was a MS67 PCGS that would be worth somewhere around $75,000 today. The present coin shows light even rose centers going out to stunning, bright sky blue into the fields and peripheries of the obverse. The reverse is similar with more light rose and a thinner band of rose and blue circling the periphery. The strike is full, surfaces are bright and glowing, and the luster is BOOMING. An absolute STUNNER. $8,500.00
1921 Alabama 2x2 PCGS MS65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Very sharply struck compared to most of the type, which often display significant weakness at the central high points of the eagle’s feathers. Very light original silvery-rose patina on full, glowing luster. Top of the grade. $1,475.00
1935-S Arkansas PCGS MS66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* 1935-S Arkansas MS66 PCGS Very light rose centers going out to light aqua-blue at the peripheries. Reverse is mostly brilliant with slight rose and blue and finished with golden at the peripheries. Nice luster finishes this lovely Ark. $650.00
1934 Boone NGC (Early Holder) MS66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* (Early NGC Holder) A medium blend of golden, russet, blue and rose overlays immaculate surfaces and full luster. $550.00
1934 Boone PCGS MS67+ *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 82616319 Pop: 4, 1 higher Virtually flawless Superb Gem with lovely burnt oragne and rose peripheral patina. $1,950.00
1936-D Boone NGC/CAC MS67+ ***NEW*(67) Cert. 3582377-002 Pop: 1, none higher A virtually flawless example showing lovely light blue green patina going to a violet orange at the peripheries. CAC approved. $2,950.00
1925-S California PCGS / CAC MS65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* California MS65 PCGS / CAC WOW!! What a coin for the lowly MS65 grade. California’s can sparkle and this one is a blaster. Fully struck and completely distraction free with intense glowing semi-prooflike luster. Finished with light violet patina, this coin will blow away most of the MS66’s. $695.00
1925-S California PCGS / CAC MS67+ *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 25681681 Pop: 10, 6 higher An amazing Monster GEM. This California is simply outstanding and has to been seen in hand as my photos do NOT do it justice. Technically almost flawless. The strike is strong and original toning becomes more and more mezmerizing showing a blend of silvery blue, light violet rose and golden-orange on BLAZING Luster!!! CAC Approved. $5,250.00
1893 Columbian PCGS / CAC MS67+ *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 25608630 Pop: 3, none higher Absolute FINEST? With a pop of only 3, none higher, full, sharp strike, immaculate surfaces and glowing luster on stunning tone, this may well be the finest '93 Columbian extant. CAC approved to boot. Amazing!!! $23,500.00
1936 Delaware PCGS MS67 A true Superb Gem showing a full strike and luster and finished with lovely silvery blue centers and ringed on both sides with golden-orange. $2,250.00
1936 Elgin NGC MS66 Brilliant white and virtually mark free with blazing luster. Awesome, super flashy Elgin. $375.00
1936 Lynchburg NGC MS66 *NEW* Fully struck, basically mark free and brilliant white with full glowing luster. $575.00
1921 Missouri NGC MS65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* Missouri (Plain) MS65 NGC Incredibly sharp and detailed strike on this exceptional Missouri. Forget the usual pitted face, a result of weak strikes on virtually every example. This coin looks sculpted. Super clean, distraction free surfaces and lovely pale rose patina. Finished in an almost satin prooflike surface. $2,335.00
1936 Norfolk PCGS MS68+ *SOLD*NEW* Cert. 81634866 Pop: 13, 2 higher Among the absolute finest Norfolks on the planet, with only 2 grading higher. $5,000.00
1936 Oregon PCGS MS65 *Henry Hamilton Collection* (Old Green Holder) An even medium silvery-blue-violet patina overlays super clean original surfaces and full luster. $325.00
1938 PDS Oregon Set NGC MS66, 66, 67 *ON HOLD - Henry Hamilton Collection* 67 An original matching set of GEM ’38 Oregons in consecutively numbered holders. With a low mintage of only 6000 per date, sets like this are scarce. Each coin is original creamy white with just a hint of golden rim patina. Virtually flawless surfaces with the usual satiny luster that is an attribute of the ‘38 Oregon date. $1,685.00
1921 Pilgrim PCGS/CAC MS66+ *NEW* There are lots of boring commems in GEM holders which have helped drive levels down, but few true beauties. This 1921 Pilgrim shows a sharp strike, superb surfaces and lovely light silvery violet and blue patina evenly overlaying bight, full luster. Reverse is brilliant with golden peripheral toning and intense luster. Way above average for the grade. $1,775.00
1936-D Rhode Island NGC/CAC MS67+ ***NEW*(66) Cert. 3582352-011 Pop:2, 3 higher $3,450.00
1936-S Rhode Island PCGS MS66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* 1936-S Rhode Island Half MS66 PCGS A beautifully toned RI and scarce as such by type. Brilliant centers with rose and deep blue peripheral toning on the obverse. Reverse is mostly brilliant with light golden rose peripheries. Fully struck and lustrous. Top of the type eye-appeal. $585.00


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