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Year Denom Grader Grade
1893 Quarter PCGS MS64 A great coin for the grade, starting with a solid strike, clean fields and full glowing luster. Beautifully toned with light rose in th centers and bright blue peripheral toning on both sides. An exceptional Isabella. $1,300.00
1900 Dollar PCGS MS64+ *SOLD - NEW* I have bought, sold and viewed most of the greatest commems on the planet and I can say that this Lafayette is without a doubt the most beautifully toned MS64 example I have ever seen and may be a contender for the most beautiful Lafayette in any grade. Brilliant centers with a hint of rose patina going to bright crimson blue around the peripheries. Bright and lustrous. Reverse is mostly brilliant with rose and blue peripheral toning framing the entire coin. AMAZING Lafayette Dollar. $8,500.00
1936 Albany PCGS / CAC MS66+ A beautiful original Gem Albany exhibiting even light violet-rose patina overall, with some burnt orange peripheral toning on both sides. Fully lustrous. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer coin for the price. $890.00
1935-PDS Arkansas PCGS MS66 *SOLD - NEW* The Philadelphia strike of an original, matched PDS Set. Very light patina overall with a burnt orange periphery. Sold as a PDS set. $2,750.00
1935-PDS Arkansas PCGS MS66 *SOLD - NEW* The Denver strike of an original, matched PDS Set. Very light patina overall with a burnt orange and violet rose periphery. Sold as a PDS set. $2,750.00
1935-PDS Arkansas PCGS MS66 *SOLD - NEW* The San Francisco strike of an original, matched PDS Set. Very light patina overall with a blue, burnt orange and violet rose periphery. Sold as a PDS set. Original PDS Ark sets are tough to find. A set that is matching in grade with wonderful toning is almost impossible to find. $2,750.00
1936 Bay Bridge PCGS MS65 *SOLD - NEW* The lightest hint of rose patina overall with deeper rose and blue peripheral toning along the top and bottom obverse. Reverse is light iridescent. $300.00
1925-S California PCGS / CAC MS65 *SOLD* A superb example, particularly for the MS65 grade. Fully struck, brilliant and flashy with a bit of light rainbow patina along the upper obverse periphery at “Liberty” and along the reverse upper right peripheral quadrant. Great California for the price. $875.00
1925-S California PCGS MS65 *SOLD - NEW* A gorgeous original with "California" toning. Bright with blazing luster, just the way the finest California's can come and finished with beautiful bright violet and blue toning, mostly at the peripheries. $1,050.00
1936-D Cincinnati NGC MS67 *SOLD - NEW* Very light patina overall enhanced by golden, rose and blue peripheral toning front and back. Super surfaces and shimmering luster on this Superb Gem. $3,850.00
1892 Columbian PCGS MS65 *SOLD - NEW* An incredibly toned Columbian, starting with light violet in the centers, going out in a bullseye pattern to bright royal blue, then golden violet surrounding the entire periphery. Very similar, but lighter on the reverse. Another stunner from this new private collection. $1,050.00
1892 Columbian NGC / CAC MS66 Very well struck and very attractive original exhibiting an attractive blend of golden-rose and blue green throughout. Fully lustrous and fully GEM. $1,075.00
1935 Connecticut PCGS / CAC MS65+ *NEW* Beautiful light rose and silvery blue patina over both sides of this lovely Connecticut. Bright and lustrous. A true beauty. $950.00
1936 Elgin PCGS MS65 Fresh original with silvery patina on glowing surfaces. $265.00
1922 Grant PCGS MS66+ Fully struck and brilliant with glowing luster and just a hint of patina. $1,985.00
1935 Hudson PCGS MS65+ *SOLD - NEW* Possibly the most difficult early US commem to find with strong positive eye-appeal, this Hudson ranks among the most beautiful I have seen. Light rose overall going out to light, pastel blue with bright, fully lustrous surfaces. You will not finds a more beautiful Hudson for this or probably any price. $2,400.00
1918 Lincoln PCGS / CAC MS65 *NEW* Beautiful undipped original showing just the light hint of silvery blue patina overall with golden rim toning. Sharply struck, super clean surfaces and fully lustrous. Absolute top of the grade. $690.00
1936 Lynchburg NGC MS67 A lovely Superb Gem that shows light golden-rose iridescent toning from the original card. Impeccable surfaces and full, bright luster. $1,450.00
1923-S Monroe PCGS MS66 *SOLD - NEW* Lovely GEM Monroe, mostly brilliant with a hint of silvery rose patina overall with considerable rose and blue at the periphies on both sides. Fully bright and lustrous. $4,800.00
1938 New Rochelle PCGS / CAC MS65 *SOLD - NEW* Very light silvery blue patina overall going to powder blue at the right peripherie of the obverse. Reverse is similar overall with an intense arc of violet-rose at the right. $525.00


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