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Year Denom Grader Grade
1921 Alabama 2x2 PCGS MS65 *NEW* Solid strike with full eagle feathers, brilliant with just a hint of golden patina overall. $1,400.00
1936 Albany PCGS MS65 Brilliant and fully lustrous Gem. $335.00
1936 Albany PCGS / CAC MS66+ A beautiful original Gem Albany exhibiting even light violet-rose patina overall, with some burnt orange peripheral toning on both sides. Fully lustrous. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer coin for the price. $890.00
1892 Columbian NGC MS65 *NEW* Blue and violet rainbow toning enhance this well struck Gem. $550.00
1892 Columbian PCGS / CAC MS66+ Silery-violet with a ring of beautiful, sparkling blue around the periphery. Medium to deep toning on superb surfaces and full luster. Outstanding eye-appeal. $2,350.00
1936 Delaware PCGS MS67 A true Superb Gem showing a full strike and luster and finished with lovely silvery blue centers and ringed on both sides with golden-orange. $2,250.00
1922 Grant PCGS MS66+ Fully struck and brilliant with glowing luster and just a hint of patina. $1,775.00
1934 New Rochelle PCGS MS65 Mostly brilliant and semi prooflike with a hint of golden patina. $650.00
1938 New Rochelle NGC MS67* A beautifully toned Superb Gem. Light silvery rose overall with aqua-blue and burnt orange peripheral toning. Immaculate surfaces and glowing cartwheel luster. Sold year's ago to a customer and now back in inventory. Pretty much the only way I can come up with Commems of this quality. NGC Star desgnated. A STUNNER. $2,750.00
1936 Norfolk PCGS MS66 Sharply struck, brilliant white and fully lustrous. $480.00
1936 Norfolk PCGS / CAC MS67 A true superb GEM. Brilliant, flashy white, perfect surfaces and light peripheral golden toning on both sides. Finished with blazing luster. $890.00
1926 Sesqui NGC MS64 *SOLD - NEW* An original brilliant near GEM with just a hint of patina on intense, sparkling luster. Very top of the grade. $475.00
1934 Texas PCGS / CAC MS67 *NEW* A true original Superb Gem with bright, brilliant centers and lovely golden-orange peripheral toning on both sides. Top end eye-appeal. $1,250.00
1927 Vermont PCGS MS65+ Beautiful very light iridescent patina over glowing full luster. A wonderful Vermont. $775.00
1950-S BTW PCGS MS66 A hint of silvery blue overall with golden-rose and violet peripheral toning at the top and bottom obverse. $200.00


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