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Year Denom Grader Grade
1900 Lafayette NGC MS63 *NEW* I can’t remember the last time I bought a Lafayette Dollar in any grade. They are truly scarce devoid of distracting marks or unattractive toning and often have dull luster. This MS63 is top of the grade in every grade. Sharply struck and completely devoid of distracting marks, this coin is brilliant with full luster and just a hint of lovely rose patina. If you know You will be amazing at the quality for the grade. $1,800.00
1921 Alabama 2x2 PCGS MS65 *NEW* Solid strike with full eagle feathers, brilliant with just a hint of golden patina overall. $1,400.00
1936 Albany PCGS / CAC MS66+ A beautiful original Gem Albany exhibiting even light violet-rose patina overall, with some burnt orange peripheral toning on both sides. Fully lustrous. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer coin for the price. $890.00
1892 Columbian NGC MS65 *NEW* Blue and violet rainbow toning enhance this well struck Gem. $550.00
1892 Columbian PCGS / CAC MS66+ Silery-violet with a ring of beautiful, sparkling blue around the periphery. Medium to deep toning on superb surfaces and full luster. Outstanding eye-appeal. $2,350.00
1936 Delaware PCGS MS67 A true Superb Gem showing a full strike and luster and finished with lovely silvery blue centers and ringed on both sides with golden-orange. $2,250.00
1922 Grant PCGS MS66+ Fully struck and brilliant with glowing luster and just a hint of patina. $1,775.00
1934 New Rochelle PCGS MS65 Mostly brilliant and semi prooflike with a hint of golden patina. $650.00
1938 New Rochelle NGC MS67* A beautifully toned Superb Gem. Light silvery rose overall with aqua-blue and burnt orange peripheral toning. Immaculate surfaces and glowing cartwheel luster. Sold year's ago to a customer and now back in inventory. Pretty much the only way I can come up with Commems of this quality. NGC Star desgnated. A STUNNER. $2,750.00
1936 Norfolk PCGS MS66 Sharply struck, brilliant white and fully lustrous. $480.00
1936 Norfolk PCGS / CAC MS67 A true superb GEM. Brilliant, flashy white, perfect surfaces and light peripheral golden toning on both sides. Finished with blazing luster. $890.00
1934 Texas PCGS / CAC MS67 *NEW* A true original Superb Gem with bright, brilliant centers and lovely golden-orange peripheral toning on both sides. Top end eye-appeal. $1,250.00
1927 Vermont PCGS MS65+ Beautiful very light iridescent patina over glowing full luster. A wonderful Vermont. $775.00


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