Aspen Park Rare Coins
APAC wants to buy your rare United States coins and currency

As a Denver based national retailer for more than 14 years and a professional numismatist for 30 years, I will pay top dollar.  Deal directly with the owner.

Within the Denver Metro area, Call Evan Gale at 303-471-6074 (ofc.) or 303-807-9916 (mobile).  E-Mail to: (please include your telephone number)

When you are ready to sell, I will meet you at your home, office or bank. Or you can choose to meet in a private meeting room at my bank in Highlands Ranch.  

If you are out of state, ship your coins by Registered, Insured U.S. Mail to:
APAC, P.O. Box 2811, Littleton, CO 80161 for our immediate offer.
If you decide not to take our offer, we will ship your coins back immediately and include a check to cover your registered mail cost. In either case, please call first.

We ARE interested in collections that include:

  • Sets of:
    Flying Eagle, Indian and Lincoln Cents
    Liberty and Buffalo Nickels
    Mercury Dimes
    Standing Liberty and Uncirculated Washington Quarters
    Walking Liberty and Uncirculated Franklin Halves
    Morgan and Peace Dollars
  • All United States Gold Coins dated 1933 and prior
  • 18th and 19th Century United States Copper, Nickel and Silver Coins.
  • All better Date Walking Liberty Halves, Morgan and Peace Dollars
  • All Uncirculated rolls and bags of Walking Liberty Halves, Morgan and Peace Dollars
  • All United States Early Commemorative issues
  • All Colonial Coins
  • All Proof Sets.

We are NOT interested collections that contain only:

  • Wheat Cents, Common Circulated Buffalo and Liberty Nickels, Modern Commemoratives, Bicentennial Quarters and Halves, Ike and Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Small Size Silver Certificates dated later than 1920 and Two Dollars Bills
  • Any foreign coins or currency from the 20th Century
  • We realize that all collections have some of the coins we are not particularly interested in buying. We want to make clear that we will pay top dollar for all coins if your collection includes a significant amount of desirable pieces.


Aspen Park Ancient Coins
P.O. Box 2811
Littleton, CO 80161

You can contact us at our e-mail address: