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The Fascinating World of Ancient Coins

Nov. 7, 2018
As you may or may not have noticed, my US coin inventory has been shrinking as my ancient  inventory is growing.  After 38 years dealing mostly in US coins, I have decided to to sell off my US inventory and deal soley in ancients. This decision has been several years in the making.  
I love coins and my website has always been a reflection of my personal interest in rare coins.  I started collecting at the age of eight and have been a professional dealer most of my working life.  This long, enjoyable journey seems to have found an end in ancient coins.  Their beauty, endless variety and history is unmatched by any other area of numismatics, in my opinion.  Exceptional specimens of all ancients are scarce and I love the challenge of finding great coins. 
My interest has coincidently coincided with NGC's grading of ancients, which started around 10 years ago.  I believe the market in the United States and the world will continue to grow as collectors who are accustomed to "slabbed" coins are exposed to NGC certified ancients and become more and more comfortable and intrigued by this exciting area of numismatics.
I began looking at ancient coins seriously at the April, 2011 Chicago International Show.  I had been dealing in British and world coins and attended the show for the first time.  I quickly discovered it was largely devoted to ancient coins.  I looked at every coin in the show and noticed that very few really drew my attention.  There was a lot of "stuff", but few exceptional coins.  I was also struck by the fact that the prices of the coins I liked seemed incredibly inexpensive relative to the high pricing and availability of US coins.  So I began to buy coins, not knowing a Greek from a Roman from a Parthian....Since that time, I have devoted thousands and thousands of hours to study, mostly by viewing every ancient at every show and auction, and also pouring over major auction catalogs and internet compilations going back 25-30 years.  In this way I have viewed thousands and thousands of the best ancients sold over the past few decades.  I will soon be in my ninth year of buying and selling.
Every ancient coin is different and the artistry of the dies vary dramatically.  Most types have dozens, if not hundreds of different dies, cut by a myriad of die cutters, or "celators".  Some are inept, some talented and a few artistic masters.  There are so many dies of ancient coins, that finding two coins from the same die is only an occasional occurance.  In addition, every flan is different and every strike is different.  Beyond these considerations, surface quality and toning also vary widely.  Like fingerprints, no two coins are the same.  I am bringing the  "APRC" eye for quality and beauty into the arena of ancient coins.  There are many more aspects and attributes to the evaluation of an ancient coin than any other segment of numismatics...and I am well-known to excel in that evaluation.  
My goal is to offer ancients of exceptional artistry, quality and beauty.  After collecting rare coins for more than 50 years and dealing in them for more than 35, I have come to believe they are the most fascinating segment of the numismatic market.  The historical significance, imagery and sheer artistry is unrivaled by any other area of numismatics.


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