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Year Denom Grader Grade
1837 HTT NGC MS64BN *Aspen Park Collection - HT-195, Portsmouth NH* Very choice uncirculated specimen. Even deep chocolate brown with considerable original RED in and around the lettering on both sides. Pop: 2-62, 3-63, 4-64, 0-65, 1-66. $750.00
1837 Cent PCGS MS64BN Super nice for the grade, featuring a full strike, virtually mark free surfaces and chocolate brown patina. The color of the reverse image is way too red. The coin is bascially chocolate brown on the reverse. $1,185.00
1848 Cent PCGS/CAC MS65BN *NEW* Absolutely superb, top of the grade Large Cent. Fully struck with impeccable fields and even chocolate brown patina on lustrous surfaces. $1,650.00
1852 Cent PCGS/CAC MS66BN *NEW* Well struck perfect GEM with flawless surfaces and even chocolate brown patina. $1,650.00
1883 Cent PCGS PR66BN Cert. 82622607 A beautiful blend of blue and violet on pristine, fully reflective surfaces. Tremendous eye-appeal for the price. $1,350.00
1883 Cent PCGS / Eagle Eye Cert. PR66RB *ON HOLD* Very unusual and beautiful Proof with full CAMEO devices (not designated) which appear to be floating on a pool of deeply reflective surfaces front and back. Even, light, somewhat "Copper-nickel" red coloration overall, without any spots or distractions. A very cool GEM Proof Indian.` $1,575.00
1884 Cent NGC MS66RB *NEW* Well struck and lustrus gem with beautiful blue and violet-rose toning. A gorgeous Indian for type or a top end date set. $1,075.00
1885 Cent PCGS PR66BN (“Larry Shepherd Collection”) Gorgeous blend of blue and violet rose, light Cameo devices on both sides with shimmering, distraction free, deep, deep mirrors. Another STUNNER!! $2,250.00
1886 Cent PCGS PR67BN Gorgeous bright sky blue portrait, violet and blue in the fields. Reverse is a gorgeous bright blue. The fields are smooth and reflective. Absolutely STUNNING GEM Proof. $3,850.00
1903 Cent PCGS PR66BN An absolute stunner with a full, sharp strike and bright, fully reflective surfaces. Bright rose and abundant bright blue toning give this piece amazing eye-appeal. $2,300.00
1906 Cent NGC MS67RB *Henry Hamilton Collection* Fully impressed with lovely violet rose patina on the obverse. Fully RED on the reverse. Superb, unmarked surfaces and thick, frosty luster finish this Superb GEM. The one and only specimen grading MS67RB at NGC, with none higher. PCGS shows 2 coins grading MS66RB and none higher. Amazing quality and eye-appeal. $2,350.00
1907 Cent NGC MS65RB A wonderful, colorfully toned MS Indian and scarce as such. Starting with a sharp strike, clean fields and full luster, this great coin shows rose red, violet and blue green toning. Spot free. Mint State Indians with great color are truly scarce. $685.00
2001 Cent PCGS MS65RD (2 coins, mated with the Lincoln cent below) Coin #1 Double Strike Die Cap Onto coin #2, which is a Full Brockage Obv. By Coin #1. Sound confusing, just look at the images. Awesome error. Price is for the pair. $1,150.00
2001 Cent PCGS MS65RD (2 coins, mated with the Lincoln cent above) Coin #1 Double Strike Die Cap Onto coin #2, which is a Full Brockage Obv. By Coin #1. Sound confusing, just look at the images. Awesome error. Price is for the pair. $1,150.00
1865 Two Cent NGC MS66RB Super sharp with a gorgeous blend of original red and brown on mark-free, fully lustrous surfaces. Superb quality and eye-appeal. $1,285.00
1865 Two Cent NGC MS66+RB Superb quality and eye-appeal characterizes this one in a million Two Cent Piece. Starting with a full, sharp strike front and back, this pieces shows immaculate surfaces and gorgeous violet rose intertwined with original brown. Finished with blazing luster for KNOCKOUT Eye-appeal. $2,650.00
1869 Two Cent PCGS MS65BN Very sharply struck front and back. Even chocolate with tinges of original red throughout. Fully lustrous. $875.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS64 Full, sharp strike front and back, an attribute that is difficult to find with this type. I reject 80% of this type on strike alone. Super clean surfaces and finished with full luster on even silvery blue patina overall. Better than most graded MS65. $525.00
1861 Silver PCGS MS66 Beautiful blue and violet rose overlay a full, sharp strike front and back on this exceptional type . A beauty. $1,650.00
1882 Nickel PCGS PR66 *Henry Hamilton Collection* A bright, fully struck Gem with a hint of rose patina overall. $750.00


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